Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day of Silence

October 8, 2010: A Day of Silence

6:00 AM
I began my day of silence at 6 o clock in the morning when I went to practice.  Not talking did not affect my practice because I don’t normally see people up at 6 in the morning so I don’t really have people to talk to.  After practicing I went to breakfast.  I had a quick breakfast I did not see anybody to talk to so being silent was easy.  After breakfast I headed to the gym. When I enter the gym I like to say good morning to the person at the desk but on this particular day I could not so I felt rude.  I finished my run and went back to my dorm to get ready to go to school.
9:05 AM
I did not have biology this morning because my teacher was sick.  My second period which is Civics and Economics was the class my silence really started to affect my life.  At first I thought the project was fun because I got to act out what I had to say and it was fun having a challenge for a day.  After my civics class I went to English.  I wrote my teacher a note explaining my challenge and why I was doing a day of silence.  After reading the note she did not look very happy about it but she said ok.  This was the downfall of my day.
After class my friend and me were walking and she had to keep explaining to people why I couldn’t talk.  This soon became very annoying.  We ate lunch together and it was a lunch of basically playing charades so she knew what on earth I was talking about. 
After lunch
My teachers in my classes after lunch thought my challenge was a good experiment and wished me good luck, but at this point I was tired of acting out what I was trying to say. People either didn’t know what I was saying or they took what I was saying the wrong way.  
Tonight was a Friday night and everyone was talking and relaxing and having fun but me.  Normally I hang out and relax on a Friday night but people stopped talking to me because I couldn’t talk back.  This got super annoying after a while because I felt like I didn’t have any friends so I went to my sisters room and studied for the SAT.  
In conclusion I did not like being silence all day because I people could not understand what I was trying to say or they took what I was trying to say the wrong way.  In conclusion I felt a major loss in my social capital while not being able to communicate with my fellow colleagues, I’m glad I can finally talk!


  1. What did your day of silence achieve? What did you learn? Alex Sadosky

  2. This project is a really good idea. You must have had a lot of self control! I can see how not being able to talk affected your social capital in a major way.

  3. How exactly did your friend introduce your day of silence to those who were asking? Did she say anything about it being in memory or respect of something?

    -- Jesse Sykes

  4. This must have been really hard!! I could never have gone a day without talking!! Especially a Friday night!!! You must have felt so disconnected from everyone!!


  5. Whitney! I could not have done this myself, so I commend you for taking a day of Silence! That must have been awful. Made for a really great lab though! Well done :)


  6. Wow! That must have been tiresome having to have friends explain what you were doing. Also, not being able to voice your opinion on things must have been frustrating, too. Good job explaining the specific annoyances throughout the day, such as English class and the fact that you could not socialize on a Friday night. Great work! :)

  7. This must have been interesting. I wonder how this relates to actually being mute.

  8. This is really interesting! It must have taken a lot of patience and self control! Why do you think talking is such a big part of our lives? For example, when you were at lunch it wasn't necessary to take the extra effort to act out what you were thinking to your friend...but I would have done the same thing.


  9. This is amazing! I could NEVER go a day without talking, interesting lab! Good work!

  10. Wow! I can't beleive you went a whole day without talking! That must have been tough! Your blog is very cute, and you chose very intresting labs. I enjoyed reading all of them!

    Sophie Chevallier

  11. Wow! Very smart! I can't imagine that was easy! You're lab was very well done! Good job!

  12. Wow!!! Good Job! I would have so much trouble doing a lab like this! Especially on a friday night!!! Did you still txt or talk to people on facebook? It would have been interesting if you had completely taken away all communication! Great Job!

    ~Isaiah =D

  13. Good job. I've always wanted to do that. Would you do it again?-William

  14. Thats really cool you did that i want to try it one day.

  15. a day of silence was a clever way of testing this project out i think i might try it as well :)

  16. haha whoaa that would have been really difficult. I like the idea of this project. Could you still use your phone ?
    -West Webb

  17. Having accomplished this task before, i was able to understand how hard it was to complete! You did dashingly well!

  18. I like the posting about your lab and the constant updates. I like the picture of you not talking. I want a little more insight into what this experiment did to your social capital. I want a little more insight into speech and friendship and trust and connections. I also wonder what you wrote down on that note for your teacher about your reasons for not speaking. Tell us why you did this and how it effected you.

  19. There is no blog post for it, but I really liked the skit you and your teammates did about social capital!!!!! WHOOT!