Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Day of Silence

October 8, 2010: A Day of Silence

6:00 AM
I began my day of silence at 6 o clock in the morning when I went to practice.  Not talking did not affect my practice because I don’t normally see people up at 6 in the morning so I don’t really have people to talk to.  After practicing I went to breakfast.  I had a quick breakfast I did not see anybody to talk to so being silent was easy.  After breakfast I headed to the gym. When I enter the gym I like to say good morning to the person at the desk but on this particular day I could not so I felt rude.  I finished my run and went back to my dorm to get ready to go to school.
9:05 AM
I did not have biology this morning because my teacher was sick.  My second period which is Civics and Economics was the class my silence really started to affect my life.  At first I thought the project was fun because I got to act out what I had to say and it was fun having a challenge for a day.  After my civics class I went to English.  I wrote my teacher a note explaining my challenge and why I was doing a day of silence.  After reading the note she did not look very happy about it but she said ok.  This was the downfall of my day.
After class my friend and me were walking and she had to keep explaining to people why I couldn’t talk.  This soon became very annoying.  We ate lunch together and it was a lunch of basically playing charades so she knew what on earth I was talking about. 
After lunch
My teachers in my classes after lunch thought my challenge was a good experiment and wished me good luck, but at this point I was tired of acting out what I was trying to say. People either didn’t know what I was saying or they took what I was saying the wrong way.  
Tonight was a Friday night and everyone was talking and relaxing and having fun but me.  Normally I hang out and relax on a Friday night but people stopped talking to me because I couldn’t talk back.  This got super annoying after a while because I felt like I didn’t have any friends so I went to my sisters room and studied for the SAT.  
In conclusion I did not like being silence all day because I people could not understand what I was trying to say or they took what I was trying to say the wrong way.  In conclusion I felt a major loss in my social capital while not being able to communicate with my fellow colleagues, I’m glad I can finally talk!